Personified data wallet

Developer details for setting up your personal data wallet

Use the development environment while testing at

To use the API, you'll have to authenticate as a user. We recommend setting up a test account for yourself at The app is a personified data wallet, accessible via browser or as a Progressive Web App (PWA). The app combines your personal data with AI, transforming every digital interaction—clicks, swipes, keystrokes—into a dynamic digital counterpart, your "mini you".

Things to note as a developer

  • Easy Onboarding: Users do not have to onboard through this app and can directly onboard through 3p app onboarding. For an example of this, see Portrait.

  • Portable Across Applications: Seamlessly integrate your mini you across various applications, unlocking a new realm of AI-powered personalization and interactivity.

  • Multi-Modal Support: Interact with your mini you through voice, text, or image, all based on what makes you uniquely you.

  • Practical Applications: Use your personal model for a range of real-world applications, from crafting the perfect break-up text to receiving a much-needed motivational boost, or even deciding your next meal.

Development environment

If you run out of credits while testing, you can upgrade to a tier with more credits for free. In the development environment, please enter the test card number 4242 4242 4242 4242, choose any future date for the expiry, and use any three digits for the CVC code.

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