Self-hosted data wallet

Host your data and models from your own hardware, and still use them across apps

If you prefer to host your data and your models yourself, you can run a personal server so that your data never leaves your machine. You can then connect your self-hosted to the Vana app (in the future we will used a decentralized address registry), so that you can use your data and models across applications that have support for Vana.

Features of a self-hosted data wallet:

  • Data and models never leave your computer. Inference is run locally then returned to the app. If you prefer to use an existing model provider like Ollama or OpenAI, you can configure any OpenAI compatible API.

  • Open source, so you can make any changes you'd like, including adding data sources or customizing memory settings

  • Interoperable with third party apps. You can use your self-hosted data wallet across applications by granting OAuth access.

  • Installable executable available if you don't want to deal with code

To connect your personal server to the Vana network, which is an experimental feature, go into the hosted app settings here.

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