Welcome to Vana

Infrastructure for User-Owned AI

This is a technical overview of the Vana network, intended for researchers, experimental developers, and curious users. The documentation and the system are a work in progress.

To learn more, visit the website. If you are a developer looking to integrate so your users can bring their data and models to your app, please see the Vana API Integration docs.

Vana is a decentralized network for user-owned datasets and models. Its core function is to keep data private and secure while also making it portable, including through onchain permissions. The architecture combines a secure off-chain server with smart contracts to enable user-owned data and models. Vana is designed to allow:

  1. Users to store and centralize personal data on their own device or on a trusted node

  2. Users to transact with this data, or AI trained on their data, in a secure way, in order to:

    • Contribute and profit from AI models that their data helps build

    • Augment their human experience through deeply personalized AI, all while preserving privacy

  3. Developers to create applications using personalized AI for each user and scale their projects with decentralized computing power

  4. Computing power to be run in a decentralized way by people all across the Vana ecosystem, including distributed training

In the broadest sense, the Vana network allows everyday people to reclaim their personal data, store it somewhere safe, and use it safely and freely. The Vana network allows technologists to collaborate with the community for data and a captive audience, secure community datasets and models, and scale their projects with limitless decentralized compute.

Vana applies the self-sovereign technology powering bitcoin and ethereum to personal data, putting power back in the hands of the individual.

Our vision is a world where users own their data and the value it creates. A robust ecosystem of everyday people, entrepreneurs, and technologists transacting seamlessly on a single network to build AI that enhances the human experience. We are building this infrastructure to make projects like user-owned foundation model possible.

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